Sprinkler Repair and Installation in Utah

Affordable Lawn Care & Landscape is the Wasatch Front’s leader in quality design, sprinkler installation, and sprinkler service for your underground and automatic sprinkler irrigation systems. We handle all sprinkler installation and repair for all areas along the Wasatch Front.

From complex sprinkler installation to the most basic residential sprinkler system, Affordable Lawncare & Landscape provides quality, state-of-the-art sprinkler irrigation systems. Our system design and commercial grade products combined with proper installation assure you a carefree watering system to beautify your turf and shrubs whether you are home or away.

Nothing can do as much to ensure the continued beauty of your landscape, as well as minimizing maintenance time and costs, as a sprinkler system that has been properly designed and installed.

If you have an existing sprinkler system, we can renovate or upgrade it, making it operate at peak efficiency. We can automate your system so that it won’t run during a rainstorm or when the weather conditions are too cold. We also specialize in installing smart operating systems which can be operated from your smartphone.

Affordable Lawn Care & Landscape has a great reputation in sprinkler repair, and that is why customers turn to us year after year for sprinkler repair. We’ve been operating as a lawn care company for over 20 years, and we know how to take care of landscapes along the Wasatch Front. You can trust us because we know the struggle of maintaining your yard. Managing your yard and sprinkler system can be challenging, so let us help.

We Service and Repair All Sprinkler Installation Problems and Brands

  • Repair broken pipes or fittings
  • New sprinkler installation
  • Repair or replace sprinkler timer (Clock)
  • Sprinkler Winterization
  • General detailed inspection and tune-up
  • Repair or replace broken or inoperative sprinkler heads
  • Add new sprinkler heads or entire zone(s) of sprinkler heads
  • Diagnose and repair low-pressure problems
  • Leaks found and eliminated
  • Repair lightning damage
  • Detect and repair cut wires
  • Locate, repair, or replace solenoids valves
  • Install, repair, or replace automatic rain shut-off
  • Grading
  • Lawn drainage
  • Check system for coverage and operation of all heads and zones

Sprinkler System Repair:

Sprinkler systems can range from simple 8-10 head perimeter systems to complex systems that are smart home enabled. There are so many degrees of complexity with sprinkler systems that it takes a professional to fix and maintain most sprinkler systems.

With all sprinkler systems, there is a list of common problems that could result in a system failure. Call a professional if any of these issues cause your sprinkler system to malfunction:

  • Valve Malfunctions can happen if valves get clogged, stay on too long or just stop working.
  • Sprinkler head problems may include being sprinkler heads stuck in the up or down position. Sprinkler heads can also break down causing water leaks or complete system failure.
  • Waterline breaks can happen along the mainline or any of the lateral lines. Leaks or breaks in your irrigation line can require extensive repair work and even lawn repair.
  • Rain or freeze sensor malfunctions often cause your system to turn on despite freezing or rainy conditions. Sensor malfunction causes water waste which can be a huge problem in dry areas. During a freeze, if the sensor does not register the temperature properly, the system could still come on and damage the system or cause frost problems to the lawn.
  • Controller wiring issues happen for various reasons. These issues require professional diagnostics and repairs. Wiring issues can also cause problems in the controller and other critical components of your system.
  • A clogged spray nozzle may happen due to mineral buildup on the nozzles. Clogs can cause your sprinkler system to be inoperable or in need of quick repair.

Once the spring watering season has started, and your system is working properly, there may be times when your sprinkler system needs to be adjusted or lines repaired. Give us a call. We also provide in-season system checks and diagnose any problems with the system. We can provide you with estimates on sprinkler repair costs, too.

We offer full revamp and repair service as needed. Our technicians are experts in sprinkler system valve repair. We also fix valve leaks and pipe leaks, clogged sprinklers, or a sprinkler head that is obstructed. Call us for sprinklers with missing nozzles, and we can help you solve your over-spraying problems. If you have sprinkler system design issues, we can help take care of those issues, too. It doesn’t matter if your pump, filter, or sprinkler head is broken, our sprinkling system repair team will diagnose the problem quickly. We will have you up and watering in no time at all.

Watering landscapes takes time. When water is applied to a lawn when it is too hot will not help your lawn at all. Our team of professionals will ensure that the timer on your controls is set for the optimal water time. We also check your timing system for any areas that need adjustments. Your sprinkler system is supposed to make life easier, but when the timing is off, it can make keeping up with the watering schedule frustrating. Sprinkler systems are set to run automatically, but interruptions can happen due to power interruptions, or they can stop working. When this happens your sprinkler system needs to be reset. Instead of trying to fix your timer yourself, give us a call. We are experts in sprinkler design and repair, and we can quickly identify the problem and give you a solution.

At the end of the watering season, we offer a full sprinkler system blowout. Blowouts ensure that your irrigation pipes are clear and make it through the winter safely. With a sprinkler blowout service, you won’t get any surprises in the spring from broken pipes that were caused by freezing temperatures. Don’t hesitate; get on our schedule right now so you won’t forget about winterizing your sprinkler system.

We have many different sprinkler services for home sprinkler systems as well as commercial systems. Don’t hesitate to call us for any sprinkler issues you have. Just make the call. Our sprinkler technicians will quickly respond to your call and get your sprinkler system repaired.

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