Landscape Lighting Services

Landscape lighting adds a sense of drama and charm to your landscape. Well placed outdoor lighting and spotlights wash across your landscape, casting interesting shadows and highlighting plants, pathways, and water features. Outdoor lighting focuses attention on your landscape’s most important details and also helps visitors to safely navigate across your yard with path and outdoor house lighting showing them the way.

Best Places for Landscape Lightning

Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape does more than just placing lights around your landscape. We offer architectural lighting to landscape lighting and showing off your water features. Our outdoor lighting service provides you with unobtrusive lighting that is designed to light up walks and features discretely. Landscape lighting fixtures are best when they are hidden within rock formations, bushes or properly installed to outline leaves in a tree or wash up a textural wall. Have your landscape lighting installed at regular intervals to ensure safe travel along pathways and up and downstairs. Your backyard will benefit from deck lighting or underwater pond lights. Use inground lights to provide a warm, inviting glow to your landscape.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

It doesn’t matter if your backyard is traditional or is ultra-modern with outdoor furniture and water features; you can find landscape flighting that fits your aesthetic style. Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape LLC offers a complete assortment of every type of fixture you need to emphasize your landscape. Some of the lighting fixtures we offer are:

  • Path lights
  • Deck lighting & outdoor steps lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Spot and flood lights
  • Pond lights
  • Well lights
  • LED Landscape lighting
  • Fashion outdoor lighting

Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape LLC features LED eco-friendly lighting that is also cost-effective and will help keep your power bill in line. LED lights offer high brightness output which will accent your outdoor applications.

Choose the Right Light Fixtures

Thought and consideration go into selecting the right type of landscape lighting for your front or back yard or even your commercial property. Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape LLC uses these tips to help you have a successful landscape lighting experience.

  • The right voltage. We are mindful of other fixtures in the landscape and determine if you need 12 volts or 120-volt lighting.
  • Use colors and different finishes to complement your outdoor color palette.
  • We check the UL rating of the fixtures you want to be installed. We make sure your lights fixtures are damp-rated or lights that can be exposed to water occasionally.
  • Dark-Sky compliance lighting is important. Our lighting experts know types of outdoor lighting that minimize the amount of glow emitted by shielding glare and light trespass.

Outdoor lighting is complete without lighting on your BBQ. Check with Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape LLC for lights that can illuminate your grill.

Enjoy your landscape lighting well into the evening hours with comfortable and stylish light fixtures and well-placed lighting. Contact Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape for professional outdoor lighting placement and installation.

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