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Laugh, play, and make lifetime memories in your backyard with Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape’s amazing backyard sports experiences. We create a safe place for your family they will never outgrow. We don’t just create a place to play sports but design your sports area with your family in mind.


  • Made with the highest in quality materials
  • With maximum versatility by designing multi-sport surfaces
  • Built to fit your budget and needs


Your family deserves the same kind of performance and safety that is available in outdoor professional sports spaces. We quality check every playing surface we create so you can enjoy your family sorts without any problems. We pay special attention to even small technicalities while creating sports spaces that give you ball response, shock absorption, traction, and playability.

We offer customized backyard sports experience area design services, and we specialize in backyard sport design and building services. We create outstanding designs for your backyard sports experiences that seamlessly lend functionality and aesthetics. We can customize your backyard areas with:

  • Court Logos
  • Court Colors
  • Game Lines
  • Court Surfaces
  • Court Size
  • Sports Accessories


Choose your sport, dimensions, colors, and accessories, and we will provide you with great design ideas for your family’s backyard sports space.

We do not just create a single game experience; we create versatile sports adventures that can be used as a multi-sport backyard adventure court for many different games. We create a place where family, friends, and your kid’s friends want to spend time.


  • We build an area that will bring your family athlete to the highest skill levels.
  • Design a sports area that will fit well with your needs and budget.
  • Choose your spot, and we can design the exact surface you need for your sport.
  • Watch your kids grow up right before your eyes in your own backyard sports arena.


Call us to bring your own family sports area to your backyard. Whether you want a basketball court, an area for other sports, or an indoor home gym for your Salt Lake City home, we will prepare your sports area quickly.
Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape LLC will provide a design and material warranty for your backyard family sports area that is exclusively our design.

We have a team of experts with years of experience designing and building family sports areas for different games and spaces. We use:


  • Resilient Material
  • Precision Locking Systems
  • Fade Resistant – UV Stabilizer and Antioxidant additives
  • Lifetime warranty on Backyard Sports Arenas


Our sports products are constructed using the latest and best modular surfacing technology. We offer high-performance multi-sport surfaces that are durable and adaptable for backyard basketball games, roller hockey, inline hockey, tennis courts, volleyball, and gym courts.

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