We will revive your property after the snow melts.

Weed removal, landscape design, sprinkler repair and planting are just a few of our spring services.

Once the snow melts, it is that time of the year when you have to put some careful effort into beautifying your lawn.  Maintaining that lush green surface in your lawn is not as easy as you might think, especially when it is full of large patches of brown mixed with unhealthy looking grass.

Here is where Salt Lake Cities Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape Shines

First things first, it is clean up time!  We pay close attention to the removal of weeds in your lawn along with preventive care.  The dry, brown grass must be removed before you start growing fresh grass on the surface.  We fertilize and restore your lawns full potential for a full luscious green growth.

Next up, is the watering system; which can also include sprinkler repair for cracked or broken sprinkler heads and line.  Due to less or no usage during the winter, chances are that the water sprinklers might have got jammed or cracked.  We perform a thorough check of your sprinkler system to make certain it is operating at peek efficiency and providing the appropriate amount of water for your lawn.  We also reprogram your sprinkler system and make sure the water is turning on at appropriate times that allow for the best use of your water.

Then comes the job of landscaping your lawn and providing continued care.  Whether you have an existing lawn or are looking for a new design, we take care of it all.  We set up your lawn on a regularly scheduled maintenance program that keeps your lawn looking its best.  Not only are we the most trusted source in the Salt Lake valley for landscape design, installation and maintenance we are also trustworthy, affordable and provide a guaranteed level of attentional to every detail.

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