Don’t let raking leaves, pulling weeds or trimming bushes take away from your autumn season, let us make your yard a source of enjoyment and relaxation.

The worst of the summer heat will have subsided soon. Refreshed by the thought of breathing cooler air, you’re poised to roll up your sleeves and do some fall lawn care. The fall time is considered to be the best when it comes to seed and feed your lawn. Fertilization, weed and thatch control, establishment of new lawns, and renovation of poor quality lawns should be done over the fall and spring time.

Winterization of your sprinkler system should also be a top priority. Leaving water pressure in your irrigation line case cause major, and unneeded damage, to your irrigation system when the spring thaw takes place.

Whether seeding, sodding, or getting your irrigation lines prepped for winter, Affordable Lawn Care and Landscape has you covered. Our expert landscapers and sprinkler technicians will have your lawn ready for winter hibernation and you can rest assured that your lawn will be ready for spring time.

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